Crystal Clear College Planning: We help families pay for college without going broke

LIVE session with Crystal Tate | Tuesday, July 25th at 6:30PM (PST) 

How To Pay For College 

Without Going Broke

Exclusive session with Crystal Tate

In the class we will be covering many of the college planning secrets and strategies that the vast majority of parents and students simply don’t know. We will look at how you can position your student and your finances in order to attend a private college at a public college cost!

See what other families have said about our trainings!

Dean Habersetzer

verified client

"Crystal developed a plan for all 4 
of our kids. We’re well on our way to being able to afford college for all of them over the next ten years. We could not have done this without Crystal!"

Trevor Schakohl

verified client

"I went 6/6 in college admission decisions. Could not have done it without Crystal’s help! Looking forwards to a bright future thanks to this process"

Bryan Hendrickson

verified client

"Crystal helped us navigate through the College Planning process with confidence and ease. Her expertise and advice is invaluable to high school students and families that want to make wise decisions + maximize the opportunity!"

About Our College Planning Services

Since college costs continue to go up, we feel it is important to figure out what the cost of a degree will end up being for your student before you apply to that particular school. 

What college can offer you the best education for the most affordable price without compromising quality? 

The majority of families we see will have an out-of-pocket expense no matter what college they want to apply to. Although it is our belief that a family should pay their fair share for college, we do not want to see them pay more than they need to. This is where our team of advisors becomes a family’s best friend and show them how to avoid making costly mistakes.

Our core beliefs are: 

  • Make the complicated college financial aid process simple and obtainable
  • ​Get students motivated by finding the best-fit schools where they receive the highest level of success
  • ​Give confidence and peace of mind to parents who would do anything for their child and provide them with the support it takes to make college affordable
  • ​Allow students to explore various opportunities by strengthening their skills through ongoing guidance

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